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  • the thing is: it means that your hard drive gets encrypted. However, when that gets encrypted, besides creating a key to decrypt it, everything works perfectly. You then use that computer for 5 years and again, works great. But then the fan on the CPU gets clogged with dust and the CPU overheats and dies. No big deal, you just grab the hard drive and move it into your new computer, or you hook it up with USB to copy everything over to the new one. And that is the moment you find out it was encrypted 5 years ago. You didn’t store the key anywhere but on that disk. You can only read it with that original computer hardware because the key was made to lock that drive to that exact computer that died. And you slowly figure out that every photo, every document, everything critical to you is now protected from you and you can’t get it back.

    Just as fun is making configuration changes just to upgrade your PC. Because Bitlocker uses the hardware in your computer to generate that key, some hardware changes will trigger it to need that key. Same situation where you need to revert the change to get your data.

    Finally, now we need to actually bring home the issue. Drop that change into the lap of someone you know that uses a computer, but doesn’t understand the inner working of them. Maybe that’s your grandma, parent, or siblings. All of a sudden they upgrade and now have a Windows 11 time-bomb that could randomly lock them out of every file on their computer… that’s the real issue here.

    Also a headache for the repair industry. If during repair the bios gets reset or the motherboard swapped, you’ll need the key to be able to boot in to windows again. And your customer is probably NOT aware.

    Bitlocker is important for companies. They can have hundreds or thousands of laptops that contain files with intellectual property that could really damage the company. Laptops get stolen all the time and should be protected at the highest levels. But for normal people’s computers, the higher risk for losing data will be Bitlocker. That’s what makes this such a bad idea.